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New Powerful Fire Suppression Performance for Open Spaces

May 13, 2009


A new fire suppression technology based on rapidly forming large dry powder clouds that extinguish large fires and fire balls in an open space, is now available. This system design and configuration can provide for open space defined volumes fire suppression capabilities for various applications.

Spectrex Inc. has developed and is now testing a unique method for discharging and creating large volumes of dry powder clouds that is very efficient in addressing and suppressing a large size fire ball. Forming a dry powder cloud creates in a similar way to a total flooding system, a volume in which all type of fuel vapor or spray are very rapidly extinguished. Based on the fast action of the dry powder cloud, it is assumed that both chemical and physical fire extinguishing mechanisms take place, including interference in the fire chemical chain reactions, heat absorption by the large mass of small dry particles, physical cut-off of the vapor phase from the fuel source and limiting air/oxygen supply to the fire source.

Dry powders are considered more efficient on a volume/weight basis than liquid and gaseous fire extinguishing agents, however one limitation so far to the powder extinguishing agent has been the dispersion and discharge range and pattern. The new method of discharging dry powder enables enhanced penetration to the fire ball and a larger surface area of the dry particle clouds to absorb heat and participate in the fire chain reactions.

The technology can be applied to various automotive, industrial and military applications.

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