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Platform Software with Safety-Critical Design

January 9, 2006


The Green Hills Platform for Industrial Safety is a complete software development and deployment solution for safety-critical industrial devices. Integrity-61508 is the first RTOS that provides complete support for multiple levels of IEC61508 functional safety running concurrently on a single microprocessor.

The Green Hills Platform for Industrial Safety delivers a number of significant benefits to developers of safety-critical industrial devices, including process controllers, programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and flame, gas and temperature sensors.

In the past, manufacturers had to certify all software running on a processor to the most stringent safety level required by any component. Consequently, 'federated' distributed systems had to be deployed to physically separate software at different functional safety levels. Although this approach minimized certification cost and risk, it increased the overall system cost and complexity.

In contrast, with the innovative secure partitioning capability of the Integrity-61508 RTOS, the software can be partitioned on a single processor.

Each partition can then be certified at its appropriate Safety Integrity Level, eliminating the need for separate physical systems or to certify code beyond the required safety level.

Industrial device manufacturers can take advantage of an RTOS that is certified to a high functional safety level to minimize the quantity of software and documentation that they must develop for their end products' safety certifications.

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