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Automatic Infrared System

September 15, 2011


In accordance with the technical task received, New Impulse Technologies has performed investigation of several factories located in port areas and ports on liquefaction and overloading to tankers of natural gas, ocean oil terminals, as well as several factories on storing, overloading and prepacking in cylinders of domestic liquefied gas. The results of the researches have shown that at present there is no efficient system for automatic monitoring and control of technological state of industrial objects and effective means for extinguishing gas and oil vapors ignitions in the world. In fact, all actions on detecting ignition sites and subsequent extinguishing are taken manually, with primitive accessible means, what virtually always leads to destroying the object and human victims.

New Impulse Technologies has created a system for automatic monitoring and control titled RVS-96V, which is a sub-system of the automatic fire extinguishing system UIS-48S certified by Petrobras. The first-priority and unique functions of the RVS-96V system are as follows:

  • Detecting gas leakages indicating precise coordinates and approximate leakage volume
  • Automatic actuation of closing valves in the gas leakage region
  • Visualization of gas leakage in the HDTV color standard understandable by human eye
  • Determining ignition coordinates and simultaneous automatic launching of accessible fire extinguishing systems
  • Possibility of control of thermal state and, accordingly, ignitions in the territories adjacent to the object
  • Detecting danger and ignition coordinates several minutes or hours before fire emergence

Main functions of the RVS-96V system:

  • Thermal and video monitoring of technological state of the protected object
  • Detecting and monitor visualization of leakages of various types of liquids, vapors and gases
  • Detecting flame by blinking, detecting explosion by immediate speed of thermal flow
  • Detecting local thermal distortions preceding fire, emergency, explosion
  • Detecting coordinates and power of heat source
  • Calculating and forming control signals for redirecting fire extinguishing systems to danger source
  • Intellectual determination of danger level, automatic selection of necessary actions and their realization

Field of application any object containing polyatomic gases, including evaporations of any hydrocarbon fractions. The system represents particular interest for launch pads of spaceports and other objects containin

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