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Detection & Suppression
Fall 2016 Issue



Case Studies:


Personal Protection Systems: Tackling Home Fire Risks to Vulnerable People

By Mr. Nigel Firkins, Project Developer, BRE Global

Personal Protection System units can and do make a real difference to the level of fire risk, specifically in relation to vulnerable people who have mobility associated difficulties. This article discusses the considerations in a PPS.

Restaurant Fire Suppression

By Mr. Jake Bross, Suppression Subject Matter Expert, SimplexGrinnell

According to NFPA there were more than 8,000 kitchen fires in each of the last few years in the US. This paper discusses the limits of restaurant suppression system.

Flammability Diagrams for Fire Suppression

By Dr. Tingguang Ma, Fire Protection Engineer, Shanghai Institute of Technology

This paper presents research carried out by Shanghai Institute of Technology into flammability diagrams.

Where Every Fraction of a Second Counts

By Mr. Ian Buchanan, European Manager. Spectrex, Inc.

This paper discusses the need and the availability of ultra fast flame detection technology, activating explosion suppression systems, intervention systems and emergency shutdown.

Large Fire Protection Systems

By Mr. Stefan Haug, Product Marketing Manager, Bosch Group

This article considers the key factors that must be taken into account when designing a fire protection system: reliability, flexibility, scalability and investment protection.

Protecting Remote and Isolated Installations from Releases of Hazardous Chemicals

By Dr. Edward Naranjo, Director of Product Management, Emerson

Normally unoccupied remote facilities with high potential for large material releases must be protected from a variety of risks. In this article, the available options for remotely protecting against these risks is discussed.

Ace Alignment Getting the Best Out of a Beam

By Dr. Daniel Waldron, Product Manager, FFE

Used to protect large interiors, such as warehouses, shopping centers or other large internal spaces, beam detectors offer discreet and cost effective fire detection. This paper considers how to get the most out of beam detectors.

Fire Detection in Heavy Vehicle Engine Compartments

By Mr. Ola Willstrand and Mr. Peter Karlsson, SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden

An overview of the challenges of heavy vehicle engine compartments with respect to fire detection and an outline of the new test method.

Five Things to Consider Before Buying a Vehicle Fire Suppression System

By Mr. Steve Payne, Marketing and Operations Manager, AFEX Fire Suppression Systems

Fire is one of the worst things that can happen to a piece of heavy equipment. Five considerations are presented for buying a vehicle fire suppression system.

Installations of Fixed and On-Board Fire Suppression Systems

By Health and Safety Laboratory

This article presents information on the current design, installation and use of integrated (fixed) fire suppression/extinguishing systems on vehicles and mobile equipment/machinery used above or below ground.

Solid-Solid Hybrid Gas Generator Fire Suppression System

By Mr. Ted J. Amundsen, Mr. Lawrence R. Grzyll, and Mr. John A. Meyer, Mainstream Engineering Corporation

This paper addresses the advanced development of a novel technology for solidĖsolid hybrid gas generator fire suppression to replace the ozone-depleting Halon 1301 for total flooding applications. 

Securing Business Continuity in Printing Industry by High Pressure Water Mist

By Mr. Ruediger Kopp, General Manager, FOGTEC Fire Protection

This article discusses a number of different industrial fire risks which traditionally have been protected with conventional gas extinguishing or sprinkler systems and are today seen as excellent applications for water mist technology. 

Cryogen Capsules to Suppress Wildfires

By Mr. Craig W. Martland, Mr. David P. Marchessault, Mr. Andrew McGarey, Mr. Diego Rivas, Mr. Kevin W. Stanley and Dr. Yiannis A. Levendis, Northeastern University

A method for delivering cryogen for suppression of wildfires (particularly nascent fires, small‐scale fires or fires surrounding critical infrastructure) via insulated capsules. 

Case Studies:

Aspiring Detection System

Protec Fire Protection

This case study presents Manchester Airport Groupís (MAG) very specific fire detection requirements and Protecís solution.

Green Bay Metro Fire Department Uses Flir K-Series Thermal Imaging Cameras to Enhance Safety

FLIR Systems, Inc.

This case study discusses the Green Bay Metro Fire Department and its reasoning for selecting the FLIR K50 thermal imaging camera to be included in several of its engine and ladder company trucks.

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