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 Association for Specialist Fire Protection (ASFP) Archive 
 Catch Up With What's Going Down (Apr 5, 2011)
 Assured Automation
 FireBag Thermally Actuated Gas Shut-off Device (Jun 9, 2010)
 Atkinson Dynamics (AD)
 Heavy Duty Industrial Intercom System (Aug 4, 2011)
 New Light Duty Wall Mount Intercom (Jan 13, 2009)
 Auburn Manufacturing Inc. (AMI)
 New Ever Green Insulation Kits (Aug 4, 2011)
 $7.8 Million Contracts from Department of Defense to Supply U.S. Naval Shipyards (May 26, 2009)
 AUMA Riester GmbH & Co. KG
 Multi-turn Actuator at the Valve World Conference (Jan 11, 2011)
 Automatic Fire Alarm Association (AFAA)
 Fall Season of Webinars (Sep 14, 2010)
 Person of the Year Awards to Key Industry Associates (Jun 18, 2009)
 Autronica Fire & Security (AFS)
 New Autromaster Functionality Enhances Passenger Ship Safety and Emergency Management (Sep 17, 2009)
 Bacharach Inc.
 Appointment of New General Manager (Nov 16, 2011)
 New Detection Technology Extends CO2 Use in Refrigeration (Jul 6, 2010)
 Badger Fire Protection Inc.
 Launch of High Flow, Commercial Fire Extinguisher Line (Apr 30, 2010)
 BAE Systems
 Swiss Installs Fire Protection System in Avro RJ Cargo Holds (May 1, 2012)
 Bauer-Kompressoren GMBH
 Bauer Kompressoren Opens Fully Owned Subsidiary in Russia (Aug 8, 2011)
 Angela Merkel Inaugurates Natural Gas Filling Station in Abu Dhabi  (Jun 8, 2010)
 Bavaria Fire Fighting Solutions Archive 
 New Range of Products for Fire Protection (Dec 5, 2011)
 Beele Engineering
 Newest Generation Sealing System Approved for Harshest Fire Ratings for Metallic and GRP Pipe Penetrations (Jun 23, 2009)
 Blackline GPS
 Loner SMD at National Safety Council's Texas Safety Conference & Expo (Mar 21, 2012)
 BM Polyco Ltd.
 BSIF Product Innovation Award 2009 (Jul 21, 2009)

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